First Steps

  • Post the project idea as an issue in the Github Project Ideas repo
  • Designate the project leader
  • Recruit a team as needed, either in person at civic hack night or through the Google Group
  • Check out Tools for Civic Hackers to help with proof-of-concept or implementation
  • Talk to the Delivery Lead ( for any help you need

Github Organization

  • Please Organize your project using either Github Issues, Trello, or within our Slack group.
  • Ask a member for access to the Code for San Jose Github Repo.
  • Keep your master branch on the Code for San Jose Github repo.
  • If possible, please use branches and not forks!
  • Keep your Github repo’s Readme up to date with the following info:
    • What your project is about
    • Installation instructions
    • Project status
    • Instructions to post to the issues
    • Talent needs
    • (Optional) Contact info of the project leader

Keeping Things Going

  • Get the contact information of everyone on your team
  • Plan to communicate and meet with your team outside of Civic Hack Nights to make progress, especially if your team members can’t always attend hack nights
  • Check in with the Delivery Lead at least once month, or whenever you need help getting resources
  • Keep the discussion going on your Slack channel!