Civic Hack Night
The Tech Museum's Design Challenge Learning Institute
145 West San Carlos Street San Jose

August 10, 2017 6pm


<p><a href="">&lt;/a&gt;</p> <p>[&lt;a href=""&gt;Map of where to park and where we meet</a>]</p> <p>We hold Civic Hack Nights twice a month where members use their skills to make San Jose, and the South Bay, a better place. Typical hack nights have the following structure:</p> <p>-6:30-6:45pm: Mingling, chatting, eating pizza <br/>-6:45pm-7pm: Introductions, updates, and project share outs. <br/>-7pm-8:45pm: Work on projects in teams or as individuals <br/>-8:45pm-9pm: Share progress with group and wrap-up </p> <p>We welcome new members! We've found it helpful to be clear on what Code for San Jose is, and what it isn't:</p> <p>Code for San Jose is: </p> <p>-a place people gather to work on open-source projects that benefit our community. </p> <p>Code for San Jose isn't: </p> <p>-an organization that teaches people how to code <br/>-always prepared to pair you with a project on day one. That said, it's a good idea to look through <a href="">the open data available to us</a> and start thinking about a project you might find interesting to work on. </p> <p>Before the meeting:</p> <p>[<a href="">Agenda for the meeting</a> - check back the week of for an update list of projects and their needs. Feel free to <a href="">hop into the slack channel</a> and <a href="">github</a> ahead of time]</p> <p>At your first meeting, we'll give you an overview of the organization and tell you about on-going projects some members are leading. </p> <p>Pizza will be provided thanks to our generous sponsor Microsoft. Bring your ideas, enthusiasm, and if you can, a laptop.</p>